Sarah Gagnon

Fitt-26What You Think, You Become. What You Feel, You Attract. What You Imagine, You Create ~ Buddah

Sarah is a Mother of two young boys. After joining FITT Gym in 2012 and losing 35 lbs she has made a commitment to a well balanced and fit lifestyle for herself and her family.

Sarah has a passion for strength training and believes that she was not only able to change her physical appearance, she was also able to improve her confidence. She feels that there is a senses of empowerment that comes along with lifting weight and living an active lifestyle. This is what motivated her to begin her career in the fitness industry.

“I felt it was only natural for me to take this next step and support others in their fitness journey, by helping them to reach their fullest potential and continually act as a source of motivation. A positive mind can accomplish anything.”




CanfitPro Certified Personal Trainer

First Aid, CPR – C, AED Certified


Hobbies and Interests

Strength training



Playing with her children


Spin, Yoga, Masters

Classes are lead by Qualified Instructors &Personal Trainers in a small group setting.

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