Jen Paton


What to expect from Jen

Training sessions with Jen come with thorough preparation and research to cater to her client’s specific needs and fitness goals. She enjoys bringing her creative side in to her programming, making sure the training sessions bring the desired results while staying fresh and fun.

Clients enjoy the genuine care and knowledge-filled coaching that Jen is excited to bring them.

Jen’s background in yoga/stretch/fitness teaching paired with nutritional coaching has her bringing a very well-rounded health & fitness plan to her clients.

Jen is here to serve her clients, helping them to care for their bodies the way they were created to be through means of physical strengthening, stretching, and healthful nutrition.

Experience and credentials

  • B.A. Communications & Cultural Studies
  • Poliquin Certified Personal Trainer
  • FBBC Certified Fat Loss Coach
  • Register Yoga Teacher – 200hr

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Cooking & baking, creating her own tasty healthy recipes
  • Nature lover, especially hiking, fishing, biking & swimming
  • Church involvement volunteering with youth programming & community events
  • Overseas mission work
  • Escape rooms & board games


Jen has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, growing up dancing for 17 years, swimming and mountain biking, but unfortunately some of this active fun has also come with painful and debilitating injury seasons. Starting about 5 years ago after having suffered from multiple whiplashes and concussions, always struggling with digestive issues, and then also developing a thyroid and adrenal gland problem, Jen began a recovery journey for more physical healing and strength. She began seeing the difference specific foods, well balanced rest, fitness and stretching could really make! This journey that continues through to today has led to all of the courses, resources, and certifications that Jen is excited to share with others in need. Her mission is to help people improve their quality of life by having the best functioning body they can through means of strategic food and fitness.



Spin, Yoga, Masters

Classes are lead by Qualified Instructors &Personal Trainers in a small group setting.

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