Personal Training at FITT Gym is about safety, education, and results. We have a thorough approach with every new client which allows us to provide a service second to none.

As a new client of ours you can expect:

Free Consultation

We understand that you want to check us out before you commit. For this reason we offer a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in Personal Training. Call to set up a meeting with one of our trainers. We’ll get to know a little more about you and we suspect you’ll appreciate our no-pressure sales approach.

Initial Assessment

Before we take you into the gym we do an initial assessment. This one hour assessment with your trainer is critical to your future training program. We will use this time to establish an understanding of your current health, medical history, and goals. This information is then used in laying the foundation of a program designed just for your needs.

Come prepared for a light cardio workout. We recommend bringing water, good shoes, and comfortable clothing.

Qualified Trainers

We are continually upgrading our qualifications. We always work together as a team, allowing us to pool our resources and provide the very best training for you.

In-Home Training

In-Home Training is yet another way in which we can customize your program. We will come right to your door, deck, or dock and take you through a workout. No equipment required.

Your In-Home Training can take place indoors or outdoors. It can be for an individual or a group of friends or colleagues. This service is designed for maximum flexibility and your convenience. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to fit your work out into your lifestyle.

FITT Gym Personal Training Testimonials

The last time I exercised before joining Fitt Gym was before I had my son 15 years ago. My Personal Trainer has helped me transition from not exercising to doing things that I never thought were possible.

In the last 6 months I have lost the weight that I wanted, more than 10 lbs and lost a total of 9 inches. I feel that my body is shaped, toned and I can leg press 225lbs!!

My son who does not like sports and use to only play video games, has more confidence in sports and life. It has surprised me how much of change it has made to him.  My Daughter who has a physical limitation now feels comfortable exercising. She feels that she can concur the world and push herself to be happier and more active.

Our personal trainers have guided us through exercise and taught us to workout correctly. This has helped us achieve our goals. Moreover, our personal trainers have helped us with our food intake to create a balanced diet.

Exercise and common goals have made us feel closer as a family. My children feel more confident in sports, have more energy, seldom get tired and are happier.

You are the best! Awesome Personal Trainers!

Yuliana L

Over the last 6 months I have accomplished self gratitude from working out to feel healthier by joining a gym.  I have never been in a gym or even knew the first thing about one.

My trainer showed me that it is ok to come to a gym!  Second, she showed me the right way to use the equipment and to do the exercises. Third she helped me realize my goals and reach them and last but not least she pushed me beyond my goals and showed me I can do things I never thought possible.

It would have to be the one on one attention.  She got to know me personally and knew what “buttons” to push.  I looked forward to each sessions not knowing what I was going to do or learn and that kept it interesting as well as challenging.  Even now after the training is done, she is still helping me out and encouraging me on.  Its like having your own personnel cheer leading squad!

Cheryl N


Spin, Yoga, Masters

Classes are lead by Qualified Instructors &Personal Trainers in a small group setting.

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