Exercise and Weight Management As You Age

July 16th, 2015 by Louis B

Strength Training

written by: Cheryle Simser & Louis Beare

Women come to us and say “I’d like to start exercising again but I just don’t know were to start”. Often they have been out of the gym for a while or haven’t exercised since they had kids. No matter what the circumstance, these women are looking for guidance, encouragement and results!
Lets look at the 3 things that will determine their results:

  • Food Intake
  • Amount of exercise
  • Type of exercise


Food intake is going to be the most import factor in any training program. It’s said that you can’t out train a bad diet. When you are thinking of putting together each meal the only things you need to have are protein, fibre, fats and the occasional starchy carbohydrate.

Where do we get these things from?

Protein – meats

Fibre – green leafy vegg

Strength TrainingFats – nuts, seeds, oils (mainly cold)

Carbs – potato, sweet potato, quinoa

The amount of each of these things will depend on your body and what your goals are.  The main point we are trying to get across is that you need to be eating foods in their natural state. Things like breads and pasta are heavily processed and they can be really hard on your body.

The amount of exercise you need to do is also important. Three times a week would be our recommended minimum. If you aren’t training enough you’ll just be spinning your wheels. We also like to suggest about 45 min of exercise each time you are train. That includes your warm up, cool down and stretch.  30 minutes would be a minimum and there is nothing wrong with working out for 60 min either.

What type of exercise you do while you are at the gym will have a big influence on your results as well. Women experience hormonal changes as they age, so we want to give them workouts that will affect their hormones in the most positive way possible. The best way to do that for anyone trying to lose weight or keep toned is to train with weights and do intervals. The intervals can be done using weights or through cardio but the one thing we want to stay away from is long steady state cardio workouts.  Steady state cardio is considered “muscle wasting” and muscle loss is something we want to steer clear of for anyone going through any type of hormonal change.

As with any goal you set in life, staying fit or getting in shape as you age can be done through hard work, determination and will power.  It’s a tough thing to tackle on your own.  Joining a gym and/or connecting with a Trainer is a great way to learn, be inspired and be held accountable to your goals.  Consider your long-term health.  A strong, healthy body is a must!


Cheryle Simser, Certified Personal Trainer

Cheryle Simser, Certified Personal Trainer

Cheryle Simser has been at FITT Gym since 2013. She earned her personal training certification through Poliqiun Performance and is a Level 1 Perfomance Specialist. Cheryle has a great attitude and demeanour which is what make her clients love her. Her attitude and her knowledge allow her to create intense and challenging workouts for all of her clients.

Each time you train with Cheryle you can expect a workout that will push you to perform to the best of your ability. Cheryle puts together workouts that challenge you on a daily basis and are also geared towards getting you to your long term goals.  She is passionate about what she does and she truly cares about her clients, so you know you’re always going to get a great workout.

Cheryle has always been active and has been going to the gym for the past 20 years. Lifting weights, spin and group runs are what she enjoys most in the gym. She also loves cooking, hiking and spending time with her children.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”

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