Shaker and protein powder

written by: LOUIS BEARE

We often don’t think about this aspect of workout nutrition but it can be just as important as your pre and post workout nutrition. Taking care of your body while you are putting stress Continue reading “Is it Important to put anything in your body during a workout?” »

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Strength Training

written by: Cheryle Simser & Louis Beare

Women come to us and say “I’d like to start exercising again but I just don’t know were to start”. Often they have been out of the gym for a while or haven’t exercised since Continue reading “Exercise and Weight Management As You Age” »

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Yes, and not only do women store fat differently than men, they also burn it differently. First of all women, you’re at an advantage in some regards. Continue reading “Do men and women store fat differently?” »

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Intensity is a word we hear a lot about when we talk about our workouts. Everyone always wants to know how “intense” that workout was or is going to be.  But do we really understand what we are talking about? Continue reading “Intensity vs. Volume” »

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Magnesium is not always a supplement that we think of when we are thinking about body composition, strength training or our nutrition.  However, magnesium can play a very important role in all three of those areas.

Continue reading “Why should I take magnesium?” »

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There are many benefits to either creating or maintaining stability in your joints. They include a better range of motion (ROM), decreased chance of injury, greater maximal force, and stronger muscles. Each type of joint in our body allows for different degrees of movement. Maintaining strength through those movements is important in giving us the ability to move better. Continue reading “Joint Stability” »

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As many of us embark on a new exercise regimen we wonder what is going to get us to yield the best results.  Although a well structured training program is very very important in achieving results, nutrition is one of the biggest influences on success in the gym. Here are 3 things I tell people when they are first learning about nutrition:

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This is the time of year many of us are making our New Year’s resolution. When it comes to making a fitness goal as part of that resolution there are a few things that you may want to consider.

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gingerbread cookies

As the holiday season is upon us, the temptation to eat and bake treats and tasty things is enormous. The hardest part about this is finding foods that will be delicious and won’t add inches to our waistline. Here are 6 choices you can make to lower your caloric input over the next few weeks.

Continue reading “6 Holiday Treat Ideas That Can Make A Big Difference” »

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There is a common misconception among our population that if a woman lifts weights that are heavy she will bulk up with huge muscles and lose her figure.  That is simply not the case. Men who “get huge” put in countless hours of work at the gym, stick to a rigorous nutrition plan and optimise their hormonal levels with supplements. For the most part, women do not have the hormones necessary to put on massive amounts of muscle.  In fact, women have around 20 times less testosterone then men. Continue reading “Should women avoid lifting heavy weights?” »

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